ACTA Letter Writing Campaign | June 9

Thank you for participating in ACTA’s CERB letter writing campaign to MPs across Canada – CERB has been extended for another 8 weeks.  ACTA will provide more information as it becomes available.

New Letter Writing Campaign Launched – Specific Aid for the Travel Agency Sector Needed

ACTA announced a new letter writing campaign that addresses once again, our “ask” of government for specific aid for the travel agency sector. The letter is now available on ACTA’s website. Step by step instructions have been provided to guide you through this important initiative.
We know that the travel industry will lag behind other industries in recovering and we will need the government for help beyond the initial reports of mid-June, when it is expected that most other businesses will be reopened. We want to ensure that travel agents and agencies are included in our own sector specific aid or the broader Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries—including airlines, destinations, hotels, attractions, and restaurants.
Remember to continue retweeting ACTA’s social media posts. Twitter is the preferred form of social media within the government and the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and hence our focused attention on targeting messaging through this communication tool. Follow and retweet @ACTACanada.

Telephone campaign

We have also launched our telephone campaign and are asking you to call your MP. A script is available on the ACTA website. We know you are stressed and busy but please take time to send these letters urgently. We will need to continue to lobby for Travel Agencies over the coming days and months. 

Visit and look for “LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN” on the home page to access step by step instructions including website links to finding and contacting your Federal and Provincial Government representatives in your riding. 

Thank you for your participation!