Allied Members Benefits

An Allied membership with ACTA will recognize a travel supplier as supporting the Canadian Travel Agency community and the trade association for efforts towards Advocacy and government relations. Your contribution goes to our purpose of maintaining a thriving and sustainable Retail Travel Agency Community. 

Additionally, ACTA offers you access to the ACTA logos and resources while being “the first to know” of any additional opportunities throughout the year to connect with the Travel Agency decision makers and influencers who make up our membership. 

More Benefits for your membership.
ACTA Reaches Canada’s Retail Networks:

  • ACTA will introduce your company/brand to the Canadian travel industry through an announcement of your company’s membership in our Newsletter
  • You will receive an e-copy of the ACTA bi-weekly newsletter to stay informed on trends, statistics and current events in the Canadian Travel trade.  
  • ACTA welcomes you to join our membership card program. Offering our members personal savings to experience your product. Ask for the ACTA membership Card!
    • ACTA will extend your company with a 20% discount on all event sponsorship, training & advertising opportunities
    • ACTA will provide your company with access to use of ACTA logos
    • ACTA can assist in connecting you with agency members in your target area
    • ACTA will provide first-hand invitations to ACTA hosted networking events and conferences

Business solutions
Reduce operating expenses:

ACTA Protect Insurance Programs
One stop covers you! Comprehensive personal and business coverage including Home & Auto, Property, Errors & Omissions, Group Employee Benefits and Individual Life Insurance. Tailored coverage for ACTA members! ACTA Protect is served by local designated Brokers. Visit ACTA Protect for local contact information and product details.

Merchant Services
STICO offers ACTA members a preferential rate for Visa and Mastercard processing. STICO offers approval within 3 business days and 7/10 hour deposits. An easy online application is available at or call +1 (855) 888 1234 x 555

Canada Post 
Enjoy savings of up to 44.5% off Canada Post Corporation's Xpress Post and Priority Post courier services. This includes regional & national mailings in pack, letter and standard sizes.

Envelopes for Canada
Fax or Mail Orders: Download the new Xpresspost and Priority Courier prepaids order forms from the Resource Tab. Fax orders to (905) 282-9826 or toll free (855) 349-0658 along with a copy of cheque and/or send the order by mail along with your payment to the address indicated at the bottom of the form.

ACTA members receive a 2.0 cpl. (cent per litre) discount off the retail pump price for gas or diesel purchased in Canada at any Esso branded service station. Also, fill up at Esso and earn valuable Aeroplan points. Simply swipe your Aeroplan card when prompted to do so. Fill out the ESSO Direct Driver Billing Program application and start saving!