Value of Managed Corporate Travel in 2020

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The Canadian Corporate Travel Association (CCTA) is an advocate of Managed Corporate Travel and seeks to facilitate meaningful & sustainable relationships with suppliers and customers of Managed Corporate Travel. Further, the CCTA aims to become the preferred channel partner of choice for suppliers, while helping Companies optimize their travel investments. 

CCTA's Value

CCTA members have the experience, leverage and voice to drive value and change within the Canadian corporate travel landscape.

Key Trends

The managed corporate travel space has and continues to go through transformational change.

Cost of travel continues to climb as hoteliers and airlines (globally) record demand & earning levels

Shared economy offerings continue to put pressure on corporations to provide solutions for the changing needs of the traveler

Millennial expectations, sophisticated consumer apps & accelerating technological innovation put pressure on companies to improve their Corporate traveler experience

Airlines & hoteliers continue their aggressive quest to attract the lucrative frequent business traveler on a direct basis

Continued Industry consolidation will put additional pressure on choice and costs going forward

Value for Corporations

CCTA advocates for the value of managed travel

  • Cost Reduction: Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have the ability to capture, monitor and analyze travel costs and the wider capability to identify and realize cost -reduction opportunities for Corporations
  • Enhanced Travel Program Solutions: TMCs are building the solutions for tomorrow; with greater flexibility & immediacy to book & expense travel 24x7, with robust integrated content & consumer oriented user experience
  • Travel Policy Improvement: TMCs are experienced in developing corporate policies and enable the Corporation to use best practices in travel to maximize efficiency and productivity for travelling employees
  • Partners in Risk Management: TMCs ensure Safety & Security are foundational dimensions to Managed Travel

Value for Suppliers

CCTA offers a forum to engage with the largest TMCs to discuss key issues and opportunities within the industry

  • Relationships: The CCTA builds strong and collaborative relationships with key suppliers
  • Premium traffic: The Corporate traveler continues to be the highest yield business in the market
  • Direct Channel Access: The CCTA aims to be the distribution channel of choice for suppliers
  • Data & Insights: The CCTA Provides a powerful feedback loop, including possessing key insights on Canadian traveler preferences and the Canadian Marketplace

Value for the Industry

CCTA advocates and drives industry change by partnering with other industry bodies

  • Partnerships: The CCTA partners with ACTA to drive progressive change in the industry
  • Voice of Corporate Travel: The CCTA actively works with industry leaders to bring the voice of corporate travel to bare on matters relevant to Canadian travelers and corporations