Health & Safety

Health and safety are of great concern for travellers. Medical insurance is a must for all travel outside of the home province or territory of each Canadian family member. Without insurance, medical care in other countries and even within Canada may not be covered by the traveller's healthcare plan or by the traveller's credit card. Treatment out of Canada can be extremely expensive and treatment may be denied unless the traveller shows he or she has adequate insurance coverage. 

Travellers should be aware of security measures being taken in many countries around the world, including Canada. Travellers should read government bulletins, issued by Foreign Affairs Canada, to become aware of areas to which travel is not recommended because of various dangers. Travellers should be aware of what they can pack in their luggage and how to pack to satisfy security requirements. There also are costs associated with security which should be understood by travellers.

Following are sources of information on health and security for Canadian travellers.