ACTA Membership Types


Retail membership is ACTA's core membership category and made up of travel agencies across Canada. The travel agency owner pays for the membership of the head office location as well as all branch locations that hold a valid TICO (Ontario), OPC (Quebec) or Consumer Protection BC registration number. Dues are based on the agency personnel and agent headcount at each location. Each agency personnel or agent within a location that meets the criteria will be eligible for an ACTA Membership Card. 

Travel Agent Membership

For 2018, ACTA launched a new membership category to address requests from independent agents, independent contractors and home-based agents who have not previously been included in ACTA membership!  Qualified independent agents who wish to join ACTA will now be able to support their industry and enjoy the numerous benefits of ACTA membership. Should you be considering a career as a home based Travel Agent, click here to learn more.

Travel Supplier Membership

Travel Supplier membership is a membership category comprised of companies or other organizations in the travel industry which are not travel agencies but wish to join ACTA to support the efforts and connect with this very important distribution channel. By joining ACTA as an allied member you are supporting and connecting with Canada's travel agent community. Allied members include:

  • Accommodations
  • Airlines
  • Attractions
  • Car Rentals
  • Consortia
  • Cruiselines
  • Rail
  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Tour Operators
  • Tourist Boards

International Membership

International Membership is a membership category comprised of Travel Agencies or suppliers who do not operate in Canada but are looking to connect with the Canadian Travel trade and/or familiarize themselves with best practices and tools being used in our country. International membership shows commitment in developing closer ties with Canadian Retailers. 

Travel or Tourism Educational

This membership category is comprised of Educational Facilities who offer a Travel and Tourism program. Through ACTA's learning programs this membership category is able to connect educators and students with access to online learning that is required to become liscensed, certified or a product specialist .

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ACTA Consortia memberships and partnerships are also available. Please contact Doreen Lynch at for more information.