IATA - Customer Contact Information (CCI) - Benefits for Travel Agents and Customers

Severe weather conditions, growing congestion at airports and airspace increase the chances of disruption. Events such as industrial action and various operational issues also cause interruption of normal operations of an airline. Irregular flight operations and disruptions have a major impact on customer service and overall passenger experience. Customers understand that things may go wrong in any environment, but they do expect an efficient recovery that is well communicated. Standing in long lines, without sufficient information, does little to reduce unnecessary stress. As the industry continues to grow, providing timely information to passengers not yet affected by the crisis, i.e. those ‘en-route’ to the airport, avoids compounding the problem further.

To address the growing demand for better customer service management in the event of a disruption, airlines have made a major investment in developing pro-active customer notification systems. In 2014 IATA endorsed changes to Resolution 830d and introduced industry standard SSRs CTCE, CTCM and CTCR in a dedicated and structured format for customer contact information entry in the PNR.

Airlines will use the contact information provided to communicate to the customer any operational notifications within the operational window.

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