Featuring the NEW BSPLink ADM communication enhancements


Throughout the first half of 2017, IATA has been working closely with stakeholders such as ACTA through various conference calls, sub-group discussions and face-to-face workshops in order to put out a roadmap that all were comfortable with that can be put into action. With the goal of improving business relationships through better communication channels that will reduce prolonged disputes, IATA is pleased to present the new BSPLink ADM communication enhancements.

These ADM process improvements in BSPLink represent one of the most significant achievements of the Agency Debit Memo Working Group. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to ask for your continuous support that will enable ACTA, as part of the working group, to achieve ADM reduction and improvements in our processes and communications.

Please note the achievements that have been released during September:

  • Enable the GDS to add direct comments into BSPlink to the ADMs
  • Read new comments and check attachments from other parties directly from the email alert, without having to log in to BSPlink
  • Applicable for Airlines:
      1. “ADM Comments Only” users can be created for teams that do not need to modify the ADM status but can contribute with comments (i.e. sales teams)
      2. Airline ADM Reason Codes can be mapped in BSPlink to enable ADM Categories applied to each ADM issued.
  • Applicable for Travel Agents: System checks to ensure the correct system provider is receiving the forwarded copy of ADM
  • Applicable for GDS: Global files are now available for ADMs forwarded to GDS and Airline ADM policies, without the need to download market by market

Download the BSPLink Interface Manual with all the detailed features

*The ADM forwarding to GDS user guide can be found on BSPlink’s Download Centre, under Miscellaneous BSPlink Documents.

For any queries on this matter, please contact us at ADMProject@iata.org

For more information visit the ADM WG page www.iata.org/adm