Air Canada Global Sales University

Earlier this year, a full refresh of the Air Canada Global Sales University content was completed in both English and French with new/updated product information, imagery and videos.  Agents & Students starting the Air Canada Experts (ACE) certification process are always accessing the most relevant and up to date information.

For Agents & Students who have already earned their 2017 ACE certification, Air Canada launched a 2018 Express Certification process.  Successfully completing three short modules on ‘What’s New’ at Air Canada, will earn them their 2018 ACE certification.

Later this year, a new version of the Air Canada Global Sales University will provide an even more engaging learning experience.  

The Air Canada Global Sales University continues to be a success with close to 3,200 agents engaged with this learning platform, with over 2,000 having earned their Air Canada Experts (ACE) certification.  

We are very pleased to see many Travel School students using the program, encouraged and supported by the Travel and Tourism programs in colleges across the country.