Consumer Protection BC: Now accepting cell phones as your primary business phone number

ACTA has lobbied Consumer Protection BC to make changes to the rules and we’re pleased to share that Consumer Protection BC is now accepting cell phones as your primary business phone number. We’ve listened to your feedback and licensed travel agents and wholesalers don’t have to maintain a landline anymore. Consumers must be able to find you easily. This means that your business phone number must be included on all payment documents, receipts and your website. It should also be searchable online, such as a listing on Canada411. The ACTA BC Council is undertaking a deeper review and will be making more recommendations on ways to improve efficiency and reduce red tape. 

If you want to change your primary phone number, you must update your information with us. Here’s how to do that: 

  1. Log into MyAccount
  2. Click on the licence number you want to update
  3. The business details will show up for that licence number
  4. Select “Edit business”
  5. Change the phone number
  6. Save the changes

You are done! There is no cost for you to make this change to your business information.

If you have questions about this process, please contact our licensing and information services team at 1.888.564.9963 or send an email to