What’s the Dish on IATA’s DISH 23.0?

Is there finally a solution on the way for our airline ticket fraud and chargeback debit memo problem?

In a document issued on April 26, 2018, IATA provided information about the most recent version of their Data Interchange Specifications Handbook (DISH) 23.0 which contains one of the keys to transfer fraud liability back to the card issuers. (Click here for the full press release)

How will DISH 23.0 impact my agency?

  • It will open up the possibility for reporting that BSP card transactions was conducted with the highest level of security possible, meaning 3D secure for internet sales.
  • Would you like to be able to take a reservation for 4 business class tickets going to somewhere in Africa tomorrow and not worry about fraud? Most say YES!
  • These new DISH features will help agents  increase air ticket sales in a more secure environment, but it’s never a reason to ignore obvious warning signs.

How does DISH 23.0 reduce fraud?

  • By allowing information gathered during the transaction between a travel agent and their customer, to be transferred over to the airline or tour operator who will actually process the charge against the customer’s card.
  • In very simplistic terms we will be able to send the card paying customer to the card issuer own website, i.e. CIBC, so that the issuer can authenticate the card holder. Then the usual authorization request will take place and by saying “yes” the issuer takes on any fraud risk.  
  • It’s important to understand that if the card holder authentication is not performed (because that specific cardholder is not enrolled, for example) and the issuer decides to approve the authorization request anyway, the issuer assumes the fraud risk.
  • So no more fraud charge back risk for the airline merchants, hence no more ADM risk for the travel agents.

The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies is working closely with Eric Johnston of the Association of Tour Operators of Quebec (ATOQ) in the matter, and will continue to provide member updates as new information becomes available.


Eric Johnston