Discover and its multiple tools and free credits is the Government of Canada’s essential source of information for Canadian travellers and travel counsellors.

It provides Travel Advice and Advisories to learn about entry and exit requirements, local laws and security conditions in worldwide destinations. You will also find our publications and social media platforms, as well as the Travel Smart app to access timely advice on everything needed to make smart travel choices. The Registration of Canadians Abroad service enables the government to reach Canadians in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or civil unrest. Also available are the coordinates of the Emergency Watch and Response Centre that operates 24/7.

Global Affairs Canada has also developed Ask Travel, an intuitive platform where users can navigate through a list of questions and get their answers online. With this tool, Canadian travellers can quickly obtain a list of local doctors, lawyers and other service providers for numerous destinations around the world. They can also find out the steps to be taken to efficiently resolve a problem, such as the loss or theft of a passport.

For our stakeholders from the tourism industry, features the Safe Travel Planner for Travel Counsellors, an online training session that provides consular information and tools that will help you become an indispensable source of information to your clients, on consular services available to Canadians. Following the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Global Business Travel Safety Partner Certificate demonstrating that you have the most relevant information to help Canadians travel safely and intelligently. In addition, by obtaining a mark of at least 70%, tourism students will earn four course credits from ACTA as part of the Certified Travel Counsellor program. also provides travel counsellors with the opportunity to subscribe to the free Travel Updates service to receive daily emails on the latest updates to our Travel Advice and Advisories section.

Global Affairs Canada invites you, the professional travel counsellors, to take advantage of the array of tools and services available on