Important Reminder: What you need to know about Transparency In Payments (TIP) Go Live

A recent IATA communication sent to IATA appointed agencies provides a bit more information about the use of an agency card (referred to as an Agent card). However, keep in mind that enrolling an agency’s own card through BSPLink will not be available until the end of the year. Until then you must obtain authorization direct from each airline.

Please note: 

Use of an Agent’s own Card: 

  • An Agent that wishes to use its own Card to issue tickets using an Airline’s Merchant Agreement must obtain the Airline’s explicit consent prior to using its Card. 
  • At this stage the functionality for an Agent to enroll its own Card through BSPlink is not yet available (expected Q4 2018). 
  • Until this functionality is available, the authorization of the Airline for the use of an Agent’s own Card must be obtained bilaterally from the Airline. 

To download and view this communication, click here.