Travel Fraud Prevention

  • 10 Tips to avoid fraudulent bookings

    10. Address verses routing: Is the address of the person booking related to the cities on the itinerary? If the person's address is in the USA and they are travelling from Dubai to Bangkok then you … more

  • Fraud Warnings

    The following is a list of live examples, including emails and fraud strategies that have been used in an attempt to make fraudulent bookings with Travel Agencies. 

    FRAUD ALERT: John Cave - He's … more

  • What types of fraud does the travel industry experience?

    The following details a few examples of the types of common fraud being experienced in the travel industry:

    Typically last-minute bookings using third-party credit cards

    Fraudsters making cc’s w/ … more

  • Fraud Presentations and Fast Access Sheet

    The following fraud presentations are available to ACTA members looking to learn more on this growing and troubling trend of fraud.

    WestJet Fraud presentation by Lisa Carlson for ACTA members found … more

  • ACTA and Fraud Prevention 2018

    ACTA continues to actively participate in the Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention Group (CTFPG) attending two meetings per year.  ACTA works closely with fellow members from IATA, ATOQ (Association of … more

  • Little Black book of Scams and Top 10 Scams of last year

    The Little Black Book of Scams 2nd Edition (2018)

    The Canadian edition of aims to increase your awareness of the many types of fraud that target Canadians and offers some easy steps you can take to … more

  • Card Not Present – Red Flags

    ARC is offering guidance on how to detect and prevent fraud on ticket requests by people posing as corporate clients. Please click here to view these practices. more