Andrew Enns, Directeur

Andrew has worked with NRG Research Group (NRG) for seventeen years. He joined NRG in January of 2000 as a Senior Research Consultant. In 2005, Andrew became a partner in the firm and, in early 2012, he assumed the role of President of the company. In this role, Andrew directs and manages NRG’s complement of professional researchers across the three offices located in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. While Andrew has assumed increasingly larger corporate management responsibilities, he still maintains his role as an active senior researcher with the company and an important source of revenue generation.

Prior to joining NRG in 2000, Andrew spent almost a decade working as a political assistant in the governments of Canada, Ontario and Manitoba. In this capacity, Andrew worked in the offices of Minister’s of the Crowns and several Premiers providing briefing and advice on an array of different public affairs topics.