Ready to Travel - Your Travel Agency Re-opening Tool Kit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, ACTA’s lobbying efforts continue to be laser focused on the needs of our members. We recognize we will need to continue our aggressive lobby practices during and following the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that Travel Agencies, their employees, and independent contractors remain a priority. 
Your contribution to our efforts has been integral in securing the resources and gaining the information we need to influence positive change for our industry at the Federal and Provincial levels. We will continue to make lobbying government THE priority of ACTA within the communities we serve.
Your Travel Agency Re-opening Tool Kit
In response to provincial and federal government plans for a phased re-opening strategy, ACTA is launching its Ready to Travel - Your Travel Agency Re-opening Tool Kit."
This tool kit will provide ACTA members access to all the information and resources you need to plan your re-opening strategy. We will update the Tool Kit as new information becomes available.  At the right time, planning and communicating your re-opening strategy will gain the confidence of your employees and offer peace of mind to your customers when they are 
ready to travel.
Our “Ready to Travel” campaign will run throughout the summer months and along with our Travel Agency Re-opening Tool kit, include opportunities to connect with senior leaders within the various segments and destinations in our industry to learn how they are preparing for business post COVID and what your clients can expect.
Through safe and responsible planning, ACTA members and Corporate Partners will help shape our industry’s recovery efforts and win back the confidence of the traveler.
We will be with you every step of the way. Striving for a safe and healthy future and showing consumers the value of always using a Professional Travel Agent.

Download Ready to Travel - Your Travel Agency Re-opening full document here.

Download Ready to Travel - Editable Version here.