Consumer Protection Funds

The provinces of Ontario, Québec and British Columbia have regulations which members of the travel industry must follow. They also have a Consumer Protection or Travel Assurance Fund which may provide reimbursement of monies paid to a registered travel agency for travel services that are not provided due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of a registered travel agency, tour operator or end supplier (airline or cruise line). The requirements and eligibility for filing a claim to a Fund varies among the regulated provinces however, with each Fund, travel must have been booked with a registered travel agency.  Depending on where the travel agency is domiciled in Canada, industry professionals or consumers may pay into the Fund based on the type of travel they sell or purchase.

We recommend when you travel to book with an ACTA Travel Agent to make sure you are working with the reputable travel professionals. An ACTA Travel Agent has the tools, knowledge and expertise to assist you should any problems arise before, during or after your trip.

For more information on the Compensation Protection or Travel Assurance Fund in the regulated provinces of Ontario, Québec and British Columbia, you can contact the provincial consumer protection office in those regions:

Ontario - Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO)

Tel: 905-624-6241

Québec - Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC)

Tel: 514-253-6556

British Columbia - Consumer Protection BC

Tel: 604-320-1667 or 1-888-564-9963

In all provinces, you may contact your local Better Business Bureau to register a complaint. For Better Business Bureau locations across Canada, please visit their website at