An overview of the 5th Canadian Travel Fraud Prevention meeting

L to R:  Nicola Colville, IATA Area Manager Canada and Bermuda, Eric Johnston, ATOQ General Manager, Doreen Lynch, ACTA Director of Membership, Heather Craig-Peddie, ACTA Vice President Advocacy and Member Relations, Attila Ulku, IATA Aviation Industry Analyst Canada and Bermuda, Pierre LePage, CATO Executive Director

The Canada Travel Fraud Prevention Group (CTFPG), an ACTA and IATA jointly-led group, met at the IATA offices in Montreal on May 9, 2018. The group includes a wide range of industry stakeholders including retail agencies, airlines, tour operators, credit card companies, fraud prevention organizations and Canada Anti-Fraud Centre. The purpose is to assist and educate ACTA Members in identifying fraud trend to prevent losses. The full day meeting focused mostly on IATA’s project update – DISH 23.0. IATA sent out a communication piece on DISH 23.0 on April 26th (click here)

Please note that an in-depth report about DISH 23.0 will be coming soon.